iOS Music News Weekly (3/5/12 – 3/11/12)

by chip on March 5, 2012

Did you miss the latest happenings in the iOS world throughout the last week? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered here at iOS Music And You. Every Monday we’ll be filling you in on the most recent news, new app releases, and the on-site happenings. You can get a taste of everything that’s fueling iOS music making and catch yourself up to date.

iOS Music News Around The Internet:
The big news sitting at the front of every iOS musician’s mind this week is Apple’s March 7th debut of the new iPad, which will hopefully bring a variety of beneficial changes to the device. There have been plenty of rumors floating around the internet, telling us what we’ll see in a third generation iPad; some of the bigger discussions revolve around a retina display, the inclusion of Siri voice commands, higher processing power, and LTE. We try not to get too deeply into the rumors here at iOS Music And You – for that side of things, you might want to check out MacRumors, 9to5Mac, or Mashable. You can be sure that we’ll be very interested in the changes that the iPad 3 brings to the iOS music world though . . . more to come after the 7th!

Beyond the iPad 3, the biggest news that we’re hearing in the iOS music world is the forthcoming debut of Audiobus, a new app and API from A Tasty Pixel – the makers of Loopy – and Audanika – the makers of SoundPrism Pro. This is a major leap forward for the world of iOS music making – Audiobus will route live audio from one app to another, enabling direct recording. It’s going to be an app in itself that will serve as a multitrack recorder, but it will also be an API that can be built into apps from other developers. It looks like the state of iOS music making will make a drastic shift in 2012, and you’re going to want to stay informed. You can check out the Audiobus FAQ for the current state of Audiobus, and then sign up for their mailing list for future news. It’s an exciting step forward!

It’s sad but true – the fantastic mobile music blog PalmSounds has gone on indefinite hiatus, but its creator Ashley Elsdon is still spreading the gospel. He recently contributed a fantastic guest post to Music 4.5 entitled “Crunchtime For Mobile Music.” The post discusses the fairly young age of mobile music making and the explosion of exciting innovations that undoubtedly lie before us. Ashley will be speaking at the upcoming Music 4.5 event, Mobile Music – The Sound Of The Future, which should hold some cool information.

We’ve had a recent growth of external hardware devices geared towards iOS music making that have shown loads of potential for the future. It’s pretty hard to sort through everything that has come our way recently though, so it’s always nice to get some expertise. Synthtopia just provided some of that vital guidance with a great review of the iConnectMIDI interface from iConnectivity. It looks like a great device, well worth giving this article a read and then . . .

The Discchord blog consistently offers some amazing iOS music video tutorials – if you’ve never checked out that site, now’s the time! This past week, the man behind Discchord, Tim Webb, delivered the 8th part of his tutorial series on the KORG iMS-20, focusing upon Kick Drum Synthesis Basics. There’s a lot to learn here, put aside some time – the video tutorial is below!

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Major Music App Updates This Week:

DM1 – The Drum Machine


Symphony Pro

Sketch Synth 3D


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dlooks March 5, 2012 at 4:17 pm

Great rundown of news and perfect format for collecting the latest stuff spread around on blogs and the app store. Looking forward to more Chip.

Would love to hear more of what audiobus can do too.


chip March 5, 2012 at 7:30 pm

Thanks, glad that you’re enjoying the format. I never really wanted iOS Music And You to be an iOS news site, but I do feel like it’s important to keep up to date. This weekly post should cover the highlights.

Audiobus looks totally amazing. For me, this is the missing piece of the puzzle that will see iOS music hit it’s full potential. We’ll have to see it in action to see how it all goes down, but I have very, very, very high hopes!


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