iOS Music Weekly (4/2/12 – 4/8/12)

by chip on April 9, 2012

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iOS Music News Around The Internet:
The big iOS news of the week undoubtedly was the release of Propellerhead’s Figure, a 99 cent music creation app that caused a tidal wave of publicity for iOS music making. Some people loved it, praising the intuitive interface and quick execution, while others hated it, lamenting the lack of save and export options. Regardless of the wide range of opinions about Figure, one thing was certain – everyone heard about it, due to the massive amount of reviews online. There were good reviews from some big names in Tech news, including Wired and The Verge. Traditional media entities got into the act too, with feature articles arriving from Time and The Guardian. Let’s not forget well known names in the online music production community such as Create Digital Music, MacProVideo, Slash Gear, Voltage Controlled, and Music Radar. This was just the tip of the ice berg – literally everyone was talking about Figure, and I’m sure that we haven’t heard the last of it.

Everyone was writing about Figure, but that wasn’t quite enough – some people were shooting video about it too. Here’s some video reviews, from:
Point Blank Online


DJ Tech Tools

If you’re still not sure about Figure, at least know that you’ll be able to figure it out. At least that’s what young Ford discovered when he played with Figure. Must-see video – pretty cool to see that music making is opening up to everyone of every age!

Believe it or not, there was also some news this week that was not related to Figure – electronic musician and educator Will Kuhn posted an article this week that illustrated his thoughts on making music on iOS. He bluntly stated his opinion in the article title – “Writing Music On iOS Is Still A Bag Of Hurt.” I can’t say that I agree with that statement, but I do see some valid points in his argument. It’s certainly a thought provoking article that will get you thinking about iOS music making, so it’s worth a read. The folks over at Synthtopia highlighted the article with a feature story that stimulated a wealth of comments – as usual, the very active community at Synthtopia made some outstanding points, so check out the comment thread on that one.

As you well know, we’ve been watching the ongoing evolution of Audiobus with a heightened sense of anticipation – the idea of moving audio from one app to another is just the type of iOS advancement that we’ve been wanting. Seems like we’re not the only ones looking forward to Audiobus though – we officially now know that the world is watching after Gizmodo did a huge feature on Audiobus. The title emphasizes the idea of “group jamming” through Audiobus (another awesome idea), but also digs into the thought of using the app for recording and compositing. It’s great to see such an important advancement in iOS music getting such a strong stamp of approval from a big name in tech news – way to go Audiobus team!

It seems like every week there’s news of another great synth app coming onto the iOS scene, but it’s not every week that we hear of an app like this coming from the makers of NLog Synth. We recently learned that Tempo Rubato will be teaming with Waldorf to develop a Wavetable Synth that just looks awe inspiring, and this past week, Tim Webb from Discchord got the inside scoop from developer Rolf Wöhrmann. There’s some very interesting things afoot that will make this synth app a mandatory part of any iOS electronic music producer’s bag of tricks. You’re going to want the details here – check out Discchord’s inside scoop on the new synth app from Tempo Rubato and Waldorf.

As we mentioned in our recent review of the Animoog 1.0.2 update, the introduction of the BASE Pack has gotten a bit of flack from the iOS music community, especially in the preset department. There’s some potential for music in there though, you just have to dig a little deeper. Fortunately for us, Jim McLauren did just that and put together a couple of quick jams using the Animoog BASE Pack. Take a minute to check out the videos below – you might rethink the possibilities in those presets a bit . . .
BASE Pack Jam #1

BASE Pack Jam #2

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