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by chip on April 17, 2012

Every week, iOS Music Tunes will feature a piece of music made with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod – directly from one of our readers. There’s a lot of artistic potential in iOS devices, and iOS Music And You readers are putting all the fantastic tools to use in creative and exciting ways. This regular feature will be an opportunity to appreciate the interesting things that our readers are doing with iOS music, get some new ideas, and kickstart the creative process. If you’ve made some music with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod that you want to share, submit it now – you can get the info HERE. Now sit back and enjoy today’s featured reader on iOS Music Tunes . . .

iPhone Song
Stationery (David Roland Marsilia)

Tell us a little bit about the piece, including what iOS devices/app you used to bring it to life.
This is one of the first tracks I made on the iPhone app called NanoStudio. I like how it came out. I tried to make it sound like it was not so much made on an iPhone program, and I think I did a good job of making it “not too electronic.”

Give us a little background on yourself as a musician.
I started on drums, and now I write most of my music on guitar. But I’ve been using synthesizers and drum machines since the late 1990′s. I was too poor to buy a computer with a DAW or a workstation until just recently, so I used mostly analog synths and drum machines I picked up from pawn shops. In the past two or three years I’ve gone digital, and it’s been a lot to learn! iOS software is part of the same learning curve as the DAWs, and it’s nice that they share a lot of features and functions in common. I still haven’t gotten to the point where I can entirely re-create my old analog sound, though. But I am confident that the software available now can get me pretty close, once I master it.

Why do you use iOS devices to make music?
The song I’m posting now, I made as I was laying in bed, with my headphones on, and my girlfriends legs wrapped around me. Yeah, she doesn’t so much care for me lugging my synthesizers or guitar in bed with us.

Another song, the most recent one I posted on my Soundcloud, called Steam Press, I made while I was at the laundromat. You’ve got an idea– and no matter where you are, if you have a spare moment, *boom* there it is for you to work on later.

I met a singer recently, told her I play music, and within ten minutes we were writing our first song, with me there on my iphone, just using the speakers on the phone.

It’s incredible. When I first bought an iPhone, I thought I was going to have a really nice phone. I never expected all this. I love technology!

Give us a quick tip – an idea that has helped you make your iOS music making more productive, fun, inspiring, or creative.
I listen to a lot of people’s songs on the NanoStudio Soundcloud group. A lot of them are really great at mimicking the sounds of electronic music. Many of them sound as good as any DJ you are likely to hear in a club.

But a lot of these apps, such as NanoStudio, are really capable of getting some good, organic sounds. I’d like to see more people exploring that.

There are some pretty advanced synthesis options on here, and other programs too. Try to recreate a live band’s sound. Try to recreate some acoustic instruments. At first it’s a challenge to get it not to sound like a midi file, but as you get better at it, you really start to see what these devices are capable of.

I’ve shown some of my songs to friends, and when I tell them I made it on my phone, they say, “But how did you get the guitar on there?” You just have to play around with it! :)

Give us a link to a place where we can hear more of your music and learn more about you.
You can check out more music from Stationery at his SoundCloud page.

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