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by chip on May 14, 2012

Did you miss the latest happenings in the iOS world throughout the last week? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered here at iOS Music And You. Every Monday we’ll be filling you in on the most recent news, new app releases, and the on-site happenings. You can get a taste of everything that’s fueling iOS music making and catch yourself up to date. If you want to get your iOS music news fix on a daily basis, LIKE the iOS Music And You Facebook Page!

iOS Music News Around The Internet:
Electronic musician and app developer Julian Bayle has been on a role lately, delivering apps like Digital Collisions and The Droner that help in the process of creating generative music through the use of chance and mathematical insights. He’s back in the mix with another fascinating app, this time basing the musical creation process around a person’s mood. While the app won’t hit the App Store for a bit, Mr. Bayle provided us with an early description of the Mobile Mood Machine on his blog, with an outline of potential features and uses, as well as some pictures of the app in action. If you’re even slightly interested in ambient music, you’ve got to check out the details on Julian Bayle’s Mobile Mood Machine.

It’s always good to get insights into apps before you buy them through great reviews, but those reviews get even more useful when they come from the folks who are putting them to good use by making fantastic music. One of those people making great music using iOS apps is Smite Matter, whose recent album Technopolis Lost was put together completely utilizing iOS apps. He also provides his opinions on recent happenings in the iOS music world on his blog, a fantastic resource for anyone making music on iPads or iPhones. This past week, he shared his perspective on Orphion from Bastus Trump. Smite Matter’s review on Orphion offers some practical advice and is well worth the read.

Can’t get enough info on iOS music making . . . that’s a condition that seems to go around here on the site. Well, one place that you’re going to want to look is on Sonic Touch, the video show all about making music on your iPad or iPhone. There’s lots of good, intelligent information here, so you’re not going to want to miss it. The folks over at Sonic Touch released episode number 11 this past week, where they talk about MIDI Designer Pro, Grain Science, and Orphion. It’s a great episode – check it out below!

Do we have any Android users lurking around the site, wishing that they had all the cool music making abilities that iOS users have? That’s alright, everybody’s welcome; unfortunately, I do have some bad news for the Android folks. Propellerheads CEO Ernst Nathorst Böös has stated that his company will not be releasing Figure for Android anytime soon . . . or probably ever. Synthtopia pulled this nugget out of the Mac Pro Video interview with Böös that we mentioned last week, starting a fiery debate among their readers. You’ve got to check out the controversy over Figure on Android – once again, the heat can be found in the comments.

I imagine that there’s one or two (or maybe more . . . a lot more) readers out there that integrate their iPad into a desktop studio set-up. An ideal partner with an iPad in a desktop environment is Ableton Live, a fantastic piece of software that lets you record audio, build loops, and knock out full, great sounding songs. If this is a process that interests you, you’ve got to check out this video from Point Blank Online that walks you through the process of combining Ableton Live with a variety of great iOS apps like iMaschine, KORG iMS-20, Animoog, and more.

The folks over at Retronyms have been doing some great things with Tabletop lately, bringing the high-quality music making app for out attention time and time again. Over at their site Retroblog, they’ve started highlighting the music of some people that use Tabletop to make music on their iPads. This week they did an interview with Jesse Smiley AKA producer Bomb DeLuise. I love this look at the people actually using the app; the opportunity to hear their music is just absolutely invaluable. So check out “You Said I Was Cool” and then check out the interview with Bomb DeLuise about his use of Tabletop from Retronyms.

Last week we mentioned the arrival of the iYM2151, a retro style app from DETUNE ltd. that brings back some classic sounds from the world of eighties video games and computing. It’s an amazingly faithful rendering of eighties styles, which took someone with some serious knowledge to do the programming. When we pull back the curtain, we see the programmer behind the app, Nobuyoshi Sano, who also took part in the KORG iMS-20 and a variety of Korg ports to the Nintendo DS systems. Matrixsynth has a great interview with Sano this week, giving us some insight into the iYM2151 and his perspective on these musical tools.

The message that we all want to hear finally came through this week – we might be on the verge of seeing a working version of Audiobus in the App Store very soon. Sebastian from SoundPrism and Michael from Loopy posted a final version of the Audiobus Connection Panel this week, giving us a solid idea of what we’ll be using. Over at Discchord, Tim Webb posted his initial impressions of Audiobus, based upon a preview version that he was able to put to work. The buzz is started to get louder and louder around Audiobus and its beginning to seem like that day where we can all experience it on our own devices is right around the corner!

Hopefully everyone got a chance to check out our iOS Music Tune this past week – an awesomely 80s sounding track drowning in epic synths called “DeepStar” from Nathan Jon Tillett. It’s a great example of just how fantastic you can make GarageBand sound when you really know how to put it to work. There’s no doubt that Mr. Tillett has a great ear for music, but here’s also got a real artistic eye. Get the whole “DeepStar” experience with a video that Nathan put together, matching some interesting visual effect with the track’s cool sounds. Check it out below!

We’ve had quite a bit of debate around here regarding the iPad as the future of the home studio, something that seems startlingly realistic to me. One thing simply can’t be argued though – even if the iPad isn’t the core of a studio, it certainly can play a part in one. This week at Pro Audio Files, Jon Tidey gave us some ideas to put our iOS device to work in the studio . . . in fact he gave us twelve ideas. It’s a nice list of uses for an iPad in the studio that just stimulates more thought around the future of the iPad in the music studio.

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