iOS Music And You Podcast 002: Dean Baker Interview

by chip on November 29, 2012

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Welcome to Episode #2 of the iOS Music And You Podcast, the place where we discuss making music on the iPad and iPhone! I wanted to start out by thanking everyone for all the feedback and encouragement in regards to the first episode. I’m excited to create a podcast that helps out such an awesome community of music makers – there’s so much creative stuff going on in the iOS music community that I find myself continually inspired!

In the first piece of this episode, we listen to some fantastic music from iOS Music And You reader Nathan Jon Tillett, “StarFields.” This is a solid electronic track put together on an iPad 2, using Voice Synth, ThumbJam, Sunrizer Synth, SpaceWiz, GarageBand, and Hokusai Audio Editor. that walks the line between technological fascination and sci-fi intrigue. Nathan is a very active iOS music composer that turns out a steady stream of great music – I would highly recommend checking out his SoundCloud site. His work is a great example of the amazing musical work that you can do with iOS devices!

I want to feature new iOS music in each episode, and I want it to come from the amazing iOS Music And You community. Do you have a song that you’d like to be played on the next podcast? Submit your music by sending me a link to your song on SoundCloud.

In the next part of the show, I introduce a new app that holds a lot of potential for iOS music making – Samplr from developer Marcos Alonso. This app lets you make some interesting sonic creations from pieces of audio, so I talk through a variety of ways that you can use this app. Samplr is a pretty cool app that certainly made me think about new ways of music making, so it’s worth a look.

Each new show is going to include new app suggestions and quick tips – I know that the iOS Music And You community has tons of great ideas floating around. If you’ve got an app suggestion or a quick tip, send them my way – Submit your ideas by sending me a message .

In the last part of this episode, I get into a fascinating interview with synthesizer player Dean Baker. As a longtime synth user, Dean has payed his dues using a wide array of physical hardware before moving to soft synths and now iOS synths. As the synthesizer player for the UK based progressive rock band Galahad, Dean has used iOS synths both live and in the studio. Pulling upon years of experience, Dean provides a lot of insight about using iOS devices as live performance instruments and lets us know where they sit in his overall synth arsenal.

Dean works with Galahad on a regular basis, both live and in the studio, and they’ve put out some fantastic progressive rock albums over the years. On the last two Galahad albums – Battle Scars and Beyond the Realms of Euphoria, Dean used iOS synth apps to fuel some of his parts, garnering some great results. The band has a great sound and makes some really interesting music, so I’d highly recommend checking out Galahad on iTunes or learning more about them on the Galahad website.

By the way, Dean was kind enough to put together a new track exclusively for the podcast, “I Mourn For You.” It’s a very cool example of what someone with some serious synth knowledge can do with a handful of awesome apps. He put this one together using GarageBand, Animoog, Alchemy Synth Mobile, Sunrizer Synth, Korg iMS-20, and FL Studio Mobile. Very cool stuff.

Here’s some of the apps that Dean Baker mentions in the interview:
NLogSynth PRO
Korg iMS-20
Alchemy Synth Mobile,
Sunrizer Synth

I hope that you enjoy this episode of the podcast . . . I can’t wait for show #3! As always, the most important thing to me is that I create something useful that’s going to help the iOS music community. So, if you’ve got ideas, suggestions, or even compliments, send them my way! Thanks so much for listening, enjoy the show!


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