iOS Music Tunes: Frozen Trees by Graham Hanks

by chip on December 11, 2012

Every week, iOS Music Tunes will feature a piece of music made with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod – directly from one of our readers. There’s a lot of artistic potential in iOS devices, and iOS Music And You readers are putting all the fantastic tools to use in creative and exciting ways. This regular feature will be an opportunity to appreciate the interesting things that our readers are doing with iOS music, get some new ideas, and kickstart the creative process. If you’ve made some music with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod that you want to share, submit it now – you can get the info HERE. Now sit back and enjoy today’s featured reader on iOS Music Tunes . . .

Frozen Trees
Graham Hanks

Tell us a little bit about the piece, including what iOS devices/app you used to bring it to life.
I created this track just to see if I could make something seasonal and wintery. It was created entirely on my iPad, using NanoStudio, Animoog, and Drums XD. The only external hardware used was an Akai MPK mini keyboard and an Alesis Percpad via Midi.

Give us a little background on yourself as a musician.
I’m an artist, writer, and musician based in the Yorkshire town of Doncaster. Painting and sculpture have always been my first love, but I have also had a long standing love affair with musical experimentation.

I learned keyboards at the age of 13 and then went on to teach myself guitar. My real passion was always synth music, having grown up listening to Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.

Why do you use iOS devices to make music?
I love the way I can do everything on one easily portable device, with no wires and no overequipped studio, even sat curled up on the settee. But perhaps even more I love the touch sensitive interface for music making (use Animoog and you will know what I mean). As a teenager I loved the wasp synthesiser with its capacitive keyboard, and the iPad is the closest any modern device has come to that way of playing an instrument.

Give us a quick tip – an idea that has helped you make your iOS music making more productive, fun, inspiring, or creative.
Try experimenting with the different musical scales embedded in apps like Animoog, Magellan, and NanoStudio (frozen trees is in C mixlodyian for example). Use the iPad screen in ways that suit a touch screen, instead of trying to imitate a conventional musical instrument.

Give us a link to a place where we can hear more of your music and learn more about you.
You can check out more music from Graham Hanks on his SoundCloud site.

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shawn April 27, 2016 at 1:44 pm

how did you connect the percpad to the ipad? irig? audio/midi interface?



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