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by chip on December 31, 2012

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iOS Music News Around The Internet:
We spend a lot of time around here talking about musicians that are breaking new ground using iOS devices as their primary instruments, but iPads and iPhones are making their way into a number of other musical situations as well.  In a very creative use of a great app, filmmaker Steve Belfer has used Animoog to create the soundtrack for his film “Amazing Insects.”  The movie is a quirky look at hand made insects making their way through a world of green foliage – a perfect set of visuals to interact with edgy Animoog goodness.  It’s a fun film and a collection of nicely constructed Animoog music – you can check it out below!

On its own, GlitchBreaks is a pretty powerful app that can lead to some very creative use of samples . . . but wouldn’t it be cool if it played nicely with other apps.  To a certain extent, it already does with Audiobus support, but MIDI compatibility is also on the way.  In a video preview of the next GlitchBreaks update, developer Alex Matheu previews the new MIDI portions of GlitchBreaks, triggering the app through Genome MIDI Sequencer.  This opens up a world of potential that could lead to lots of new musical ideas – check out the video below and see what you think!

Speaking of MIDI, it looks like there’s a new sequencer on its way to the App Store that holds a lot of potential. MIDI Pattern Sequencer promises a good deal of power to organize your MIDI-themed thoughts, as well as a user friendly interface that should be easily accessible. It sounds like a great combination, and from what we’ve seen thus far, we may get just what we’ve been told. You can get a sneak peek of MIDI Pattern Sequencer in the video below, and then decide whether this looks like a good deal!

With all of the excitement around Audiobus support in the recent Korg updates, we overlooked a very cool new feature. One of the key Korg apps, iElectribe, got a “Beat Flutter” function, which adds random pattern variation. It’s an interesting new piece of the app, which could lead to some inspired musical creations. It’s a bit hard to understand at first glance though, so fortunately the folks at Korg have helped us out with a video. You can see the iElectribe “Beat Flutter” function in play in this video, giving you some creative ideas – check it out!

Those of you that grabbed the recent Animoog update may have had the opportunity to purchase the Grateful Dead Expansion Pack through the in-app store, a cool collection of sounds extracted from a live performance at the Carousel Ballroom on February 14, 1968.  It’s a pretty cool concept and a great lesson in the way that live sounds can be turned into very cool pieces of synthesis.  It’s nice to know that the folks at Moog didn’t just grab the audio and twist it to their own means though; they had some input from original Dead members.  The video below shows Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart playing with the Grateful Dead Expansion Pack on Animoog right in the Moog Factory.  It’s a pretty cool connection that I’m so glad they captured on film – give it a look below!

The excitement of getting Audiobus has really been a burst of inspiration for the iOS music community, but when you take a closer look at the app, things have only just begun.  If you check out our list of Audiobus compatible apps, you’ll see a wealth of apps that support the Input slot, but only a couple that support the most exciting piece of the equation – the Effects slot.  One app that already supports the Input slot, Echo Pad, will be finding its way to the Effects slot in an upcoming update.  The video below from Holderness Media shows how Echo Pad will support the Effects slot in the 1.2 update that has already been submitted to Apple.  Another app that’s on the horizon gives us a sense of a whole new breed of app that we’ll be seeing soon – effect only apps for the Effect slot.  We showed you the second video below last week, but this app is worth another look; liveFX is a new app with kaoss pad like capabilities that works in the Audiobus Effects slot.  There’s no doubt that this is just the first wave of the apps that we’ll be seeing for this piece of Audiobus, so hold on for the ride!

As this post test published, we’re hitting the end of 2012, reflecting upon a great year of innovations in iOS music.  As a result, we’re seeing a lot of blogs look back upon the apps that shaped their year of iOS music.  Over at Smite Matter’s site, he’s collected a best of list that touches upon everything from Magellan to Korg’s iPolysix and Samplr. What’s the app of the year?  Audiobus, of course.  You can check out Smite Matter’s Best Of 2012 HERE. Over at AppAdvice, they’ve collected a top ten list of paid iPad apps from 2012 – what music app made the list?  Audiobus, of course.  You can check out the AppAdvice list HERE.  There’s no doubt that Audiobus was and iOS milestone for many of us – what a year!

Speaking of Audiobus, are you ready to show your love for the app?  I mean, show your app in a very public way?  How about an Audiobus tee shirt?  That’s right, now you can display your Audiobus pride right on your body for anywhere from $14.90 to $27.90.  There’s two different designs – one that has the traditional Audiobus logo and one that reads “Audiobus Compatible.” Overall, they’re both pretty cool – pick one up HERE.

If you’re looking for a burst of iOS music inspiration, you can always find a healthy helping of iOS goodness floating around SoundCloud.  This week, I ran into a very cool piece of music from Dave Plummer, better known as Carbonish on SoundCloud.  This one is actually a demo of a song that we’ll most likely hear in the future, but it’s got a catchy groove and some memorable moments.  He composed it using NanoStudio, and in his notes, he provided some good advice about the Eden synth – never underestimate this apps abilities, investigate and play around with it.Good advice, especially considering the power of that synth.  He also incorporated Hokusai Audio Editor to record and edit his vocal.  This piece sounds pretty darn good – can’t wait to hear the finished version!

While we’re looking at SoundCloud, its worth noticing the amount of music popping up that was made using Akai’s new iMPC app.  The app’s relationship to the original Akai MPC makes this a quick study for many folks, meaning that they can turn out a wealth of music right away.  That’s exactly what we’re getting, with results ranging from quick thirty second snippets to full EPs worth of music put together with the iMPC.  One of those EPs caught our eye this past week – “The Palace” from Ice King.  There’s six tracks with about ten minutes worth of iMPC goodness, definitely worth checking out – you can hear it below!

We may have been in the midst of the holidays this past week, but that didn’t slow down one of our favorite iOS music video shows from making their way online.  The folks over at Sonic State were hard at work, making sure that we got the information that we needed to move our iOS music forward.  A few days ago, they delivered episode number 20 of Sonic Touch, highlighting a few fantastic apps.  Throughout the course of the show, hosts Gaz and Nick dug into Samplr, Borderlands, and Korg’s iPolysix, giving us some good info about the apps.  If you’re looking for some good insights into iOS music, Sonic Touch is always a good place to start!  

We do love to start the week off with some iOS inspiration and this week it’s especially important as we dive into a new year.  This video jam from Remove Silence is both catchy and technically intriguing.  It puts together some solid drum beats from DM1 with an improvised on the TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer, leading to some memorable music.  For something on the other side of the emotional equation, check out this video from nebulotinklstab, a collaboration between iOS Music And You reader Dean Terry and Patrick Murphy.  The musical piece of the video was put together using a variety of iOS apps, including the Korg iMS-20, Animoog, and more; the video was also directed by Dean with help from Djakhangir Zakhidov & Kyle Kondas.  If you like what you hear, you can download a free nebulotinklstab EP at their Bandcamp site HERE.  There’s some serious food for thought between these two videos, so check out the tunes and then start the new year off by making some new iOS music – enjoy!

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