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by chip on January 21, 2013

Did you miss the latest happenings in the iOS world throughout the last week? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered here at iOS Music And You. Every Monday we’ll be filling you in on the most recent news, new app releases, and the on-site happenings. You can get a taste of everything that’s fueling iOS music making and catch yourself up to date. If you want to get your iOS music news fix on a daily basis, LIKE the iOS Music And You Facebook Page!

iOS Music News Around The Internet:
Fans of PPG WaveGenerator will be glad to hear that developer Wolfgang Palm announced a new iOS app this week, which sounds like another powerhouse synthesizer – the PPG WaveMapper.  This new app will also appeal to users with less synthesis experience, offering a new accessible interface that allow you to “map” various sonic elements into a core synthesizer sound.  This app comes jam packed with a load of great features too, including multiple oscillators, pure samples, filters, 4 LFOs, 10 minutes of audio recording, virtual MIDI, Audio copy, Audiobus compatibility, and so much more.  This looks like a pretty incredible addition to the already robust iOS synth market – I certainly can’t wait to get my hands on this one!  PPG WaveMapper will be available in February and it’s going to cost $19.99.  In order to whet our appetite for this new app, Palm has provided a few SoundCloud samples that let us the new app in action . . . check these out, you’ll certainly dig them; then go over to Palm’s blog post on the PPG WaveMapper for the full scoop.

If you’ve heard the PPG WaveMapper SoundCloud clips that are embedded above and you’re ready for more information about this new app, just continue reading!  Fortunately, Wolfgang Palm knows that we’re always looking to find out about the latest and greatest innovations, so he’s provided us with a sneak peek.  He’s put together a video that provides a pretty thorough walk thorough of the PPG WaveMapper.  It’s a great overview of what we can expect from this exciting new app, so check it out below.  

While we’re talking about the PPG WaveMapper, it’s worth noting that we’re not the only ones excited about it.  GlitchBreaks developer Alex Matheu got a chance to play with the PPG WaveMapper in the beta phase, and he’s got plenty of good things to say about it.  In fact, he put together a great post on his blog Click Past The Frequency describing his experience with the new app.  I love how he emphasizes that it’s just so appealing to put together original patches with the PPG WaveMapper, something that I think will benefit a number of folks.  You can check out Matheu’s thoughts on the PPG WaveMapper HERE.

While we were all thrilled to get the news that a massively powerful portable recording studio like Auria had arrived on the iPad, many of us were a bit overwhelmed with the complexity of the app.  It’s been a while since Auria hit the App Store, but many of us are still dealing with the app’s massive learning curve.  Fortunately, the folks at WaveMachine Labs feel our pain, so they have been putting together a great series of blog posts on the numerous features of Auria.  The latest post continues their look at the Channel Strip, with a major focus on the Equalizer.  It’s a good look at a piece of Auria can make a huge difference on the overall sound of your music – you can find it HERE.

Since we’re discussing Auria, it might be a good opportunity to remind folks that you don’t have to break the bank to get all of that studio power on your iPad.  WaveMachine Labs recently released Auria LE, a $25 version of the app that contains many of the main features.  If you decide you like it, you can upgrade to the full version of Auria and never look back.  Since its a bit of an investment, this might be a good way to jump into the app if you’re not sure whether you’ll use it – if you’re in this boat, check out Auria LE.

Those of you that got a chance to check out the iOS Music And You Podcast Episode #3 & Episode #4 heard iOS musician Michael Wadlow talking about his composition process and his collaboration with guitarist Jack Morefield.  Both of those things recently came to fruition in a fantastic new release from Refracted Memories, the album The Cares Of Tomorrow.  This is the group formed by the two musicians that features the ambient goodness of Wadlow’s synth work and the melodic guitar playing of Morefield.  There’s a wealth of inspiring tracks on the album – it’s definitely worth a listen musically and if you’re interested in iOS music, this is a fabulous example of the possibilities – you can check it out HERE.

It’s always exciting when a new app captures the imagination of a group of musicians . . . and it’s even better when that group of musicians is a huge pool of people that stretches around the world.  That’s exactly what has been happening with the iMPC, and we’re seeing a tremendous amount of music flow out of this app and into the world.  Perhaps it might be due to a familiarity with the interface, maybe its a result of a high quality app from Akai and Tabletop developers Retronyms, or maybe its just the type of app that countless music makers needed.  Whatever the case, we’ve been hearing a lot of great things from the iMPC, and they’ve been regularly collected into SoundCloud playlists.  The fourth collection of iMPC fueled music hit the internet this week, under the name The Honest Truth, Vol. 4, and its got some good stuff in it.  If you’re using this app or even have a passing interest in it, you’ll want to check out this playlist and see what the app offers!

Since iOS music making began to take hold around the world, many experienced musicians disregarded the use of iPhones and iPads as child’s play, blowing the devices off as “toys.”  It has sparked a debate that continues to this day around the legitimacy of using iOS devices as serious tools for music creation.  Over at Music Radar, Computer Music Magazine contributed an article that tackled that exact issue entitled “Are iOS Music Making Apps Just Toys?”  They certainly give several different perspectives on the issue, including commentary from Audiobus and Loopy creator Michael Tyson as well as IK Multimedia CEO Enrico Iori.  There’s some thought provoking stuff in this article, well worth the read – you can find it HERE.

If you’re a Magellan Jr user, then you’re probably already putting all of the great features of the latest update into good use.  Between the HEXEq and the VC-93 compressor, there’s some serious effect power that Yonac brought on board to make their awesome synth even better.  It’s pretty cool to carry around such an incredible synth on your iPhone and in reality, its even better to see that Yonac keeps supporting this beast with substantial updates.  They’ve even added a bonus feature this time around with an additional set of presets that you can use with Magellan Jr - these presets need to be downloaded and then installed in the app though. It’s a pretty easy process and it unlocks some great presets, so its definitely worth the time – you can get a sense of what the Magellan Jr presets sound like in the SoundCloud clip below and find them and installation instructions HERE.

A while ago, we heard about an innovative new iOS instrument called the Artiphon that promised to open up a world of new live performance possibilities for iPhone users.  In theory, it sounded pretty cool, but we didn’t really get many hand-on examples of what the Artiphon could really do . . . until now.  A week ago at CES in Las Vegas, TechCrunch talked with Mike Butera, one of the makers behind the Artiphon and got a little demo.  It actually looks like there’s some great opportunities with this instrument that will allow users to strum, bow, or tap on the device to make some innovative sounds.  After seeing this video, I’m excited at the idea of having some hand-on time with the Artiphon – check out the video below and see what you think!

We do like to start the week with some inspirational iOS music to get our creative juices flowing, and we’ve got some good stuff for you today.  It’s been a we a weeks since we heard a new live looping jam for Rheyne, but fortunately, that dry spell is over.  He released Live Jam #70 this week that uses a variety of physical equipment in addition to Lemur, PPG WaveGenerator, and SoundPrism Pro.  It’s great to hear Rheyne back in action and this live jam certainly shows us that the magic is still there!  The next video comes from Ed Sharp and it features a few iPad app working in unison seamlessly to create an African influenced groove.  In this case, Ed is really showing us the possibilities of Samplr to develop music using a wide combination of samples and the app’s different modes.  It’s pretty cool to hear the app being run through LiveFX and into Audiobus as well – giving us an example of what you can do when you put all three of these apps to good use.  Speaking of using multiple apps to create some interesting music, another video arrived this week from someone who knows their apps well – the folks at Sunsine Audio.  This song puts together musical tidbits from NodeBeat HD, Arctic Keys, Magellan Jr, and Audiobus . . . quite a good combination of quality apps and an inspiring result.  There’s certainly a good collection of musical ideas to get you going here – check them out and then jump right into your iPads and iPhones to make some music . . . enjoy!

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