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by chip on January 28, 2013

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iOS Music News Around The Internet:
I hope that you got a chance to check out our overview of Virtual MIDI this week, which dived into some background on MIDI and talked about the basics of getting MIDI working between apps.  This is one topic that I’ve gotten a lot of questions about for a while now, so I wanted to dive in headfirst with some good tutorials.  I’ll be following this post up with some posts about how to use specific apps in conjunction through Virtual MIDI, with the hopes that I can illustrate things even further.  In the meantime, I just wanted to point out that I’ve added a new resource page to help us along in this journey – a great list of apps with Virtual MIDI compatibility.  If you’re looking for an app that will do this for you, this is the place to look – you can find the Virtual MIDI Resource Page HERE.

As we learned last week, the PPG WaveMapper is on the way from Wolfgang Palm, the maker of the PPG WaveGenerator, and its going to give us a highly accessible and highly powerful wave to pull together new patches.  We saw the first Show And Tell video last week, where we were introduced to some of the impressive features of the app.  Palm delivered a second video this week, letting us dig a little deeper into his new app.  At this point, I’m pretty excited – can’t wait to get my hands on this app!  The PPG WaveGenerator required a bit of synth knowledge – it’s a pathway to some amazing sounds, but one that requires some synth knowledge.  This looks a like a massively powerful synth app for everyone – check out the video and see what you think!

We also got some great pictures of the PPG WaveMapper this week, giving us yet another insight into the app’s interesting and inviting interface.  It’s nice to see the graphical interface that seems to rely heavily upon icons.  This will certainly be a different way to create great patches, which it seems like we’ll be able to play and record from right within the app.  We also learned that the PPG WaveMapper will be Audiobus compatible right when it hits the App Store.  This is all great news that just makes the wait for this app even tougher!

It’s always good to know that a developer is making a conscious effort to support an app over the course of time, working hard to make a great app even better.  That’s exactly what the folks at BeepStreet are doing, and as a result, we can expect great things from the Sunrizer Synth 2.5 update.  we’re going to some useful new features in the latest version of Sunrizer, including stereo filter panning.  We got a nice preview of this feature from BeepStreet this week in a SoundCloud clip.  You can check it out below and hear for yourself what the new update holds!

Following hot on the heels of CES in Las Vegas, the music industry gathered together in Los Angeles this week for the NAMM show.  There was lots of great stuff debuted, including a number of things that we saw at CES, including the iRig HD, the iLoud, and the iBlueboard from IK Multimedia.  We also saw some new products, including new audio interfaces from Apogee and Mackie.  One of the most exciting announcements though was the introduction of a couple of great apps from Novation that should play nice with Ableton Live.  The spotlight was certainly upon Novation’s new Launchkey MIDI controller that syncs knobs, faders, keys, and pads with Ableton in a seamless way similar to their Launchpad.  They have a Launchkey app that includes a great synth; this also syncs up nicely with the new Launchkey controllers.  In the coming months, we’ll also see a Launchpad app that will work in much the same way as the Launchpad hardware.  This all brings us one step closer to a version of Ableton Live on the iPad . . . . something that I think many of us would like to see.  You can check out both the official video preview of the new Novation products and an overview shot at NAMM below.

There was lots of fun gear announced at NAMM, but for me, I do have to admit, it was all overshadowed by one picture that made me smile and reflect upon how far we’ve come musically in the past thirty years.  The idea and act of implementing MIDI celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, certainly a reason to celebrate for so many reasons.  We’ve got so much access to MIDI these days – whether we find it in desktop software, physical gear, or virtually on our iOS devices.  It’s easy to forget though, that it was quite a process to get MIDI communications happening on older hardware though . . . until we look at it.  This picture shows a set-up at NAMM that connected a vintage 80s era Commodore 64 with an iPad running Animoog – how cool is that?  It’s certainly inspiring to say the least; you can also get some background on MIDI in the video below.

It seems like we waited so long for Audiobus and it delivered such a massively necessary part of what we needed in the iOS music world . . . it’s easy to forget that we might get an update to this app in the near future.  The folks being Audiobus are hard at work on the next version of Audiobus though, and they gave us a sneak peek of what we can expect this past week.  In the picture below, you can see a new Hardware Buffer feature that allows you to prefer either faster response or a compensation for stuttering.  With apps that require higher processing demands, this could be a life saver – check it out in the picture below and see what you think.

Speaking of Audiobus, it wouldn’t be a iOS Weekly update without taking a look at a new Audiobus fueled jam.  This video from Joey Joel uses Audiobus as a live performance tool – I love this, because I tend to think of the app as more of a recording app . . . so I’m taking notes.  He puts it together with LiveFX, Loopy, Impaktor, iMPC, Bebot, and Animoog.  It’s some very cool stuff that really shows the potential of this app to capture spontaneous and inspired jamming.  Check it out, and then if you want more, you can Joey Joel’s SoundCloud page HERE.

It’s always great to get to know the folks behind all the amazing iOS music hitting the scene out there; we listen and SoundCloud and talk on Twitter, but it’s a whole different thing to hear someone’s backstory.  That’s why it’s always great to run into the interviews from Sean Walker over at iOS Musician; this week, he’s got a feature on percussionist Gereck Dorman.  This musician from Turkey applies his uniquely percussive perspective to a number of iOS apps, and in the interview, he talks about some of his favorites, including DrumJam, DM1, iKaossilator, Animoog, and more.  It’s a great insight into a musician with a different way of looking at iOS music apps.  You can find the interview HERE and then check out Gereck performing in the video below.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve included any iOS news videos, a serious oversight that we’ve got to correct right away with one of our favorite iOS YouTube shows.  The SweetWater Sound iOS Update has always delivered some good, quick insights into the world of iOS music, and episode 28 is no exception.  In this edition of the show, host Mitch Gallagher takes a look at one of my favorite synth apps – the Korg iPolysix, as well as Metronome+.  SweetWater always gives us some good iOS information, so check it out below!

As you now by now, we always think that it’s good to start the week off with a dose of iOS music inspiration, so we’ve got some good music to get you going.  In the first clip, Rheyne returns with Live Jam #71, a video that puts together his traditional hardware set-up with an expanding collection of iOS devices.  He’s got three iPads, an iPod, and an iPhone, running Lemur, PPG WaveGenerator, Magellan, and Animoog – it’s so cool to see so many great apps being put to good musical use.  The next video is a pretty incredible example of the type of music that can be put together quickly and spontaneously using Loopy.  There are two iPods at play here – the acoustic guitar is being run through AmpKit on one iPod while Loopy is catching the audio on the other iPod – very, very cool.  The last track comes from Mee Zanook, and it’s a pretty awesome track put together solely on the Korg iMS-20.  It’s a great example of what this app can do when put in the right hands, and you’ve got to see the video . . . so many cool visual takes on the iMS-20 keyboard!  There’s definitely some good stuff in these three videos to kickstart your creative juices – enjoy!

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