iOS Music And You Podcast 005: MCOBigBen Interview & The RPM Challenge

by chip on January 31, 2013

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Welcome to Episode #5 of the iOS Music And You Podcast, the place where we discuss making music on the iPad and iPhone! I’m pretty inspired by all the feedback that I’ve received on the show and I’m determined to get two episodes of the podcast together every month. I’m squeaking this one in at the end of the month to hit my goal, so as of now, we’re on track! Episode 3 & episode 4 of the podcast featured an interview with iOS musician Michael Wadlow, who discussed his collaborate with guitarist Jack Morefield known as Refracted Memories. The group recently released their first album, The Cares of Tomorrow, filled with beautiful music; I’d highly recommend checking this out – you can find it HERE.

In the first part of this episode, we take a listen to great track from iOS musician Gunn Rouche. This is a fantastic hip hop track called “The Frightmare” that Gunn put together using a wealth of iPad apps, including Magellan, Sunrizer Synth, Animoog, Audiobus, and MultiTrack DAW. It’s actually the second version of the track that Gunn has posted. The first version of “The Frightmare” was done exclusively on the iPad, while the second version – the one that we’re featuring here on the podcast – moved from the iPad into Logic for some mastering. Listening to both tracks provides some interesting insights into the potential of combining an iOS device with traditional desktop production software. The second “polished” version can be heard on the podcast, while the first “iOS only” track can be found HERE. Gunn is doing some great stuff on iOS devices, I would recommend checking out all of the music on his SoundCloud site!

There’s so many of you putting out great music from your iPads and iPhones and I want to feature your music on the podcast! Do you have a song that you’d like to be played on the next podcast? Submit your music by sending me a link to your song on SoundCloud.

In next part of the show, I get into this episode’s app pick, a fantastic new arpeggiator that provides a lot of power, Arpeggionome Pro. This app serves as a wonderful MIDI controller with a wealth of highly customizable options for spinning all different types of arpeggiated patterns and then running them right into your music. I go over some of the main features of the app, which I demonstrate with both the internal synth and Magellan, triggered through Virtual MIDI. If you’re looking for more information on Arpeggionome Pro, I posted a detailed review on the iOS Music And You site, which you can find HERE.

Our quick tip today comes from iOS Music And You reader David Wilson-Okamura, who gives us some ideas for using NLogSynth PRO, NLog MIDI Synth, SoundCloud, and more. It’s a really practical tip that you’ll be able to apply right away in your own music making. Thanks to David for sending in this tip – David is a English professor and wonderful writer by the way, you can check out his book Virgil In The Renaissance HERE.

I know that there’s so many great ideas out there about apps and how to use them, and I want to share your ideas with the world! If you’ve got an app suggestion or a quick tip, send them my way – Submit your ideas by sending me a message.

The last part of the show features an interview with iOS musician Ben Jones, better known on the SoundCloud community as MCOBigBen. We get a little bit of background on Ben’s music endeavors, which range from home brewed recording on physical hardware in the nineties all the way up to some great NanoStudio work today. Ben turns us onto the RPM Challenge, a bold commitment to making a full 10-track album in the course of February’s 28 days. In 2012, Ben took the challenge and produced a ten track album made completely of iOS music; he shares his experience with us and lets us know why this would be a great opportunity for iOS musicians. It’s a pretty big task that has some great results to all the participants!

The 2013 RPM Challenge is upon us and its time to jump right into the mix. Whether its right before February or the month has already begun, I’d encourage iOS musicians to take the challenge and see what you can do. If you’re interested in being a part of the RPM Challenge – it’s free by the way – you can get all the info and sign up HERE. Ben is taking on the challenge in 2013 as well, so check out his RPM Challenge page and give him your support – you can find that HERE. I’ve been inspired by my conversation with Ben too, so I’ve decided to take the plunge and join the RPM Challenge! You can find my page HERE.

Ben has made some great iOS music both in and out of the RPM Challenge, and we get a healthy taste of it here. Before the interview, you can hear one of Ben’s most recent tracks, “Undone,” put together using NanoStudio, ThumbJam, and more. We finish off with interview with Ben’s tribute to the RPM challenge, “28 Days,” which features a guest appearance from rapper Ghost Tea. It’s some great stuff that will certainly inspire you to dig a little deeper!

You’re definitely going to want to hear more from MCOBigBen after this, so check out:
MCOBigBen’s SoundCloud Site
MCOBigBen’s Twitter Page

Here’s some of the apps that MBOBigBen mentions in the interview:



I hope that you enjoy this episode of the podcast . . . we’ll be onto episode #6 before you know it! As always, the most important thing to me is that I create something useful that’s going to help the iOS music community. So, if you’ve got ideas, suggestions, or even compliments, send them my way! Thanks so much for listening, enjoy the show!


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Gunn Rouche January 31, 2013 at 8:49 am

Thanks for the big ups Chip – a quick caveat around the ‘polished’ version of the track – this is by no means a master – I did some basic mastering using headphones and unfortunately the bass just seems to drown out the rest of elements on the track. I am in the process of buying (at research phase) some decent monitors – so please, suggestions and recommendations on where i should be looking welcome.

Great podcast and look forward to the next one!



chip January 31, 2013 at 2:28 pm

You bet Gunn, glad that we got the opportunity to feature your music on the podcast. I love what you’re doing, both in the way that you’re pulling together sonic elements from several different iOS apps and the musical evolution of the hip hop groove over time. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression in terms of the mastering of the piece, I can follow up with something in our news post next Monday. There’s a part of me that really likes the heavy bass . . . it hits pretty hard.

I don’t really have any ideas about monitors, but that would be something I’d be really interested in hearing about. It would be nice to find something that has a nice, high quality sound that maybe works over Bluetooth so that it could pick up input from a Mac or iPhone/iPad. That could really serve both purposes well. Just thinking out loud though; let me know what you settle on, I’d be curious to hear your final choice.

Thanks for the kind words, glad that you’re enjoying the podcast!



Nathan Jon Tillett February 1, 2013 at 5:28 am

Another great show Chip, feels like the show has really found its format and footing now. Loved all the music, interview and quick tip. Please keep them coming, we love ‘em !
Just one thing you might not be aware of, you mentioned at the start that you’ve had your first 5* rating and comment on iTunes, well that might be the case on the USA iTunes but you’ve had two 5*s and comments on the UK iTunes since November 2012 (one of them being me as “Silverfuzz”). Are you able to view comments from the UK iTunes as well ?
All the best


Gunn Rouche February 1, 2013 at 10:12 am


No worries and no need for a follow up, my fault for not taking more care with the mastering (which I really won’t do unless I decided to add some vox or flesh out the track more one day).

Will let you know what I find on my travels – I am looking for a new external soundcard simultaneously (got my peppers on the iConnect4) – which might influence my decision… hmmmm



Raymond February 1, 2013 at 8:26 pm

I think its great to find a community of iOS musicians…I’ve been at it since the Summer 2011–I have uploaded over 50 beats/sketches/demos on soundcloud–using apps such as iMaschine, NanoStudio, Figure and GarageBand


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