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by chip on February 4, 2013

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iOS Music News Around The Internet:
I hope that you got the opportunity to check out the latest episode of our Podcast, which came online this past week.  There’s a wealth of great stuff in episode #5, including music from Gunn Rouche, an overview of one of my recent favorite apps, Arpeggionome Pro, and a fantastic quick tip about importing audio from SoundCloud in NLogSynth PRO or NLog MIDI Synth.  A big chunk of the interview is dedicated to a fantastic interview with iOS musician MCOBigBen who tells us about his journey through iOS music and introduces us to the RPM Challenge.  It’s a great episode that was a blast to put together – you can check out episode #5 of the podcast HERE.  I would highly encourage you to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes – it’s free and only takes a click; you can subscribe to the podcast HERE.  If you’d prefer, you can   use a podcatcher on your iPhone or iPad, some of my favorites are the Apple Podcast app, Instacast, and Downcast.  Thanks for the support!

As you’ll hear on the podcast, February brings the RPM Challenge – the RPM stands for Record Production Month and the challenge is write and record 10 songs or 35 minutes worth of music during the month of February.  MCOBigBen is taking on the challenge again during 2013, once again using his iPad to fuel an album worth of great music.  You can find his RPM Challenge profile HERE.  I’ve taken the dive too and I’ve already started putting together my music – I’m going for 35 minutes of iOS music! I’m currently using the moniker “Zoab” and at this point, I’ve got a solid 5 minutes . . . only 30 to go.  You can find my RPM Challenge profile HERE.  Remember, if you take on the RPM Challenge, let me know and I’ll spread the word through the site!

Speaking of MCOBigBen, you’ve got to check out some of the music that he’s been putting out recently.  If you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear two great tracks – “Undone” and “28 Days.”  You can hear a lot more inspired tracks if you check out MCOBigBen’s SoundCloud site.  Ben has also recently been working as part of a collaborative group of iOS musicians called Splinterlab.  It’s a pretty amazing idea, considering the ease of sharing files between users and pushing ideas in all sorts of directions.  They just released their first track this week, entitled “I Don’t Believe In Love.”  It’s an awesome tune, put together by three folks – MCOBigBenKatalystik, and Jim Kook using NanoStudio.  You’ve got to check this one out – can’t wait for the next Splinterlab track!

The folks over at Steinberg have been on a role recently, from the introduction of Cubasis to the release of Cubase iC Pro, these guys have been really putting some energy into the iOS music world.  Without dropping a beat, Steinberg gave us a big Cubasis update this week that included Audiobus integration.  This is significant, especially considering the number of DAW apps in the Audiobus Output slot is still small, including MultiTrack DAW, Meteor Multitrack Recorder , Auria, and Auria LE.  Cubasis has been garnering some really positive reviews, especially with the recent update, making it worth the look.  It is a $50 app though, making it a bit of an investment.  While I’m willing to put some cash into a solid tool for my music making, I do like to know a bit about it first; fortunately Steinberg is on fire and they’ve given us a few videos to show us how it works.  I would highly recommend checking out these videos and then you might want to take the plunge into Cubasis . . . I’m thinking that I might do just that!

It’s exciting to hear about full albums of music coming from work with iOS devices and they seem to be coming out on a regular basis these days.  Last week, we mentioned The Cares of Tomorrow, a new release from Refracted Memories, the inspiring electronic music collaboration between iOS musician Michael Wadlow and guitarist Jack Morefield.  This past week, we got another fantastic release, the EP Colonisation from Jinx Padlock.  This four song recording features some amazing work from Jinx Padlock using a variety of iOS apps, including NanoStudio - professional level stuff that will get you moving for sure.  I’d highly recommend that you check out Colonisation – it’s a great example of what you can do with an iPad or iPhone and a lot of musicality.  You can get a taste of what you’ll hear on the album and see some great visuals in the video below – great stuff!

Speaking of albums made with iOS apps, how about an album made completely with Loopy HD?  That’s right, an album that was made by looping all sorts of fascinating and low sounds.  By low, I mean electric bass and several layers of electric bass virtuosity that will get you thinking differently about the instrument and about Loopy HD as a performance tool.  The album comes from German bassist who goes by the name the Enormous Room and the album is a collection of five improvisations called The Nights.  There’s some amazingly musical stuff on here that you’ve just got to check out – you can listen to the album in its entirety and pick it up HERE.

It seems like the month of January was dedicated to Audiobus on the music section of the App Store – there’s been a steady stream of apps updating with Audiobus integration.  Don’t get me wrong – that’s a good thing . . . a very good thing.  It’s getting a bit overwhelming to keep track of it all though.  Fortunately, a lot of developers are producing some great instructional material to help us along the way.  This past week, we got three videos to help us out with Audiobus - one from the folks behind Meteor Multitrack Recorder , one from the makers of Voxkit!, and one from the makers of guitarism.  These are some great resources, that will keep you in the know on the Audiobus front – you can find them below.  If you need a good overview of how Audiobus works, don’t forget to check out our Getting Started With Audiobus tutorial.

A few weeks ago, we shared a SoundCloud playlist that featured a wealth of tracks from iOS musicians that are putting the Korg iPolysix to good use.  As I said before, it’s nice to see a company like Korg compiling these tracks and sharing them with the world – it really gives us a broad overview of the amazing things that you can do with this powerhouse app.  This week, they’re back with Vol. 2 of their Korg iPolysix playlist, and appropriately enough, this playlist contains 6 tracks that were made with the synth app.  There’s a little over 25 minutes of iOS goodness on these tracks that you’ve got to check out.  You can listen to all of these tracks in the playlist below!

IK Multimedia announced a collection of new accessories for iOS music makers over the past few weeks at both the CES and NAMM shows.  Some of these devices are extensions of things we’ve seen before, such as the iRig HD.  There’s also some very cool new ideas, such as the iRig BlueBoard, a wireless pedalboard controller that syncs with your iPad or iPhone through Bluetooth.  In addition, they’ve got an external speaker for iOS devices, the iLoud and some new stands in the iKlip line that hold iPhones, iPads, & iPad Minis.  Most of these devices will be introduced later in the year, but we can start to look at them now, thanks to these videos from NAMM!

Speaking of NAMM, we saw some very cool new interfaces coming from the folks at iConnectivity.  With a host of MIDI and USB ports as well as Audio pass thru, these boxes look like monsters that will certainly push iOS music making to the next level.  These have got to be seen to believed – we’ve got a nice video from NAMM that features an interview with iConnectivity CEO Michael Loh.  Check the video out . . . beware though, you may be craving an iConnectMIDI after watching this video!

Last week, we mentioned the upcoming update to one of my favorite synth apps, the unforgettable Sunrizer Synth from BeepStreet, which will soon evolve into version 2.5.  We included a SoundCloud clip that showed off the stereo filter panning, and since that time, BeepStreet has uploaded several more examples.  In the past week, we’ve heard an example of the new iTar preset, a sequence that includes some very cool filter changes, and another sequence that shows off “2 combs.”  I use Sunrizer Synth on almost a daily basis, so I’m very excited to see the progress that this app will be making in version 2.5.  We’ll have to wait until it shows up on the App Store, but for the time being, we’ll have to whet our appetite for amazing Sunrizer Synth sounds with these three new SoundCloud clips – you can find them below.

We always love to start off the week with some inspiring iOS music and this week, we’ve got some great stuff that makes good use of a number of apps and takes some different directions.  The first track comes from a cello centered project, “CelliO” from Pierre Balez that combines the classical string instrument with heavy electronic groove made on an iPad.  You’ve got to hear this, it’s an incredibly cool track made using Notion, GlitchBreaks, DrumJam, ThumbJam, Audiobus, Cubasis, and Auria.  The next song is an original piece of music that’s both moody and aggressive from JoLu MSosa that brings together a wide variety of electronic sounds. MSosa put this track together using only the internal sounds on Samplr; one of the coolest parts of this whole thing is watching him perform the track live on Samplr!  The last track comes from Mee Zanook – you might remember that last week we featured a video from Mee made on the Korg iMS-20.  This week, we’ve got the same fantastic musicality and video perspective, only applied to the Korg iPolysix, very cool stuff.  Check these three tracks out, there’s some great stuff that will inspire you to get moving on your own iOS music – enjoy!

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