iOS Music And You Podcast 006: Jinx Padlock Interview

by chip on February 14, 2013

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Welcome to Episode #6 of the iOS Music And You Podcast, the place where we discuss making music on the iPad and iPhone! As I’m recording this, we’re halfway through the month of February and I’m knee deep in the RPM Challenge. As we learned from MCOBigBen in Episode #5, the RPM Challenge is a commitment to create an album that contains 10 songs or 35 minutes of music during the 28 days of February. There’s a few iOS musicians in the mix during the 2013 RPM Challenge, including MCOBigBen, who is taking the plunge for the second year in a row. Citizen-X, also known around the iOS Music And You community as Patrick Devaney, has dived in head first with some great tracks, and reader Mike Red is bringing his eclectic approach to electronic music into the mix. I’m also taking part in the challenge, spending quite a few feverish hours with my iPad trying to pull together some great music. It’s quite an intense process – I’m looking forward to hearing the final products from everyone involved at the end of February!

In the first piece of this episode, we listen to a new piece of music from iOS musician Jesper Jones. For those of you that have listened to Jesper’s great work on SoundCloud, this song shows a different side to his musicality. “DJ Muhlungo – God Willing” brings an influence from the South African based club genre Kwaito, which originally appeared during the 1990s. It takes a bit of influence from house music, and in recent years, South African producers have been putting it together with European Bass. Jesper took his influence from this recent trend, putting together a hard driving track using NanoStudio, DM1 – The Drum Machine, and Sunrizer Synth. The vocal sample tells the story, telling the world how good the vocalist is in Kwaito rapping, and God willing, he’s going to make it. This piece is certainly worth a listen, as is all of Jesper’s work. I would highly recommend checking out all of the music on his SoundCloud site!

There’s so many of you putting out great music from your iPads and iPhones and I want to feature your music on the podcast! Do you have a song that you’d like to be played on the next podcast? Submit your music by sending me a link to your song on SoundCloud.

In next part of the show, I get into this episode’s app pick, a great controller that I’ve been using for a while now – iFretless Bass. As the name might suggest, there are plenty of fantastic bass samples integrated into this app, and an interface that relates strongly to the actual instrument. The true beauty of iFretless Bass comes from the strong MIDI capabilities and its expressiveness as a controller though. I demonstrate some of the internal bass sounds, run the app through Sunrizer Synth, and show you some of the expressive qualities possible within the app. This is a really practical app that can push your melodic and bass work to the next level – iFretless Bass is well worth your time and attention in the music making process.

Our quick tip today is s simple reminder that will help make your Audiobus experience smooth and sounding great. This is one that I heard many times, but ignored it for the sake of convenience. Once I implemented this tip though, I found my work with Audiobus to be much better . . . check it out.

I know that there’s so many great ideas out there about apps and how to use them, and I want to share your ideas with the world! If you’ve got an app suggestion or a quick tip, send them my way – Submit your ideas by sending me a message .

The last part of the show features an interview with iOS musician Richard Perry, better known in the iOS music making world as Jinx Padlock. We get the full scoop on his musical evolution in this interview, ranging from his early days learning production in London studios all the way up to the release of his first EP, Colonisation. There’s some great insights into his use of NanoStudio, the way that he approaches making music, and the way that things have evolved for him. There’s also some interesting thoughts about taking your music out into the world in a big way, as he talks about the move towards releasing Colonisation. Jinx Padlock is a musician that we’ve all come to know and respect around the iOS music community, so its pretty exciting to hear him talk about his process first hand.

For those of you that haven’t heard Jinx Padlock yet, you’re in for a treat during this episode. Before the interview, you get to hear one of the tracks that Jinx Padlock considers to be one of his calling cards, “Playground Rules.” As with most of his tunes, Jinx Padlock put together “Playground Rules” using one of his favorite DAWs, the unbeatable app NanoStudio. Listen closely and you’ll hear Jinx Padlock talk about putting this song together; it’s a pretty massive track. In fact, its such a huge tune, that it was a little too much for Auria . . . check out the interview to hear what I mean. This is some powerful music that really gives you an idea of what an experienced musician can do with an iOS device!

You’re definitely going to want to hear more from Jinx Padlock, so check out:
His debut EP Colonisation
The Jinx Padlock Website
Jinx Padlock’s Facebook Page
Jinx Padlock’s Twitter Page

Here’s some of the apps that Jinx Padlock mentions in the interview:


Korg iMS-20

DM1 – The Drum Machine



NLogSynth PRO


Little MIDI Machine

BeatMaker 2


I hope that you enjoy this episode of the podcast . . . episode #7 is right around the corner! As always, the most important thing to me is that I create something useful that’s going to help the iOS music community. So, if you’ve got ideas, suggestions, or even compliments, send them my way! Thanks so much for listening, enjoy the show!

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Nathan Jon Tillett February 14, 2013 at 8:12 am

Nice one Chip, another great show, loved the interview, congrats to Jinx Padlock on his EP release and also great to see Jesper getting a mention and showcase too.
Glad that you saw my message about the UK iTunes reviews, I’ll see if I can get a screen shot sent to you. Take it easy and good luck with the RPM challenge.


chip February 14, 2013 at 5:34 pm

Thanks Nathan, glad that you dug the show! I can’t tell you how much I’m really starting to enjoy putting these shows together. It’s just so great to get a chance to talk with so many people doing interesting things musically. Folks like Jinx Padlock, Jesper, yourself, and more . . . you guys just keep me totally inspired!

I do appreciate the heads-up about the UK reviews, just saw the screen shot. I’m still trying to figure out – there must be a way to keep track of that since there are so many iTunes Stores internationally. Not sure, will keep trying . . .

Alright, back to the music making . . . February is flying by!


Michael wadlow February 15, 2013 at 1:58 am

Excellent show chip….great interview with a brilliant musician and inspirational friend Richard,and excellent choice of music with the very talented Jesper jones,going from strength to strength with the format..well done my American friend!


CougarFool February 15, 2013 at 4:32 am

Great show Chip! Thoroughly enjoyed the interview with JinxPadlock. Loved his music since the beginning.


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