iOS Music Tunes: Cold Space/Sparkling Nebula by Ozmoroz

by chip on March 12, 2013

Every week, iOS Music Tunes will feature a piece of music made with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod – directly from one of our readers. There’s a lot of artistic potential in iOS devices, and iOS Music And You readers are putting all the fantastic tools to use in creative and exciting ways. This regular feature will be an opportunity to appreciate the interesting things that our readers are doing with iOS music, get some new ideas, and kickstart the creative process. If you’ve made some music with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod that you want to share, submit it now – you can get the info HERE. Now sit back and enjoy today’s featured reader on iOS Music Tunes . . .

Cold Space/Sparkling Nebula
Sergey Stadnik aka Ozmoroz

Tell us a little bit about the piece, including what iOS devices/app you used to bring it to life.
This song was almost entirely produced in NanoStudio on my iPad2. All of the synth sounds you hear are from Eden except for the pad which is from SampleTank. The final stems were exported as wav files to a desktop DAW for mixing and mastering. I’d prefer to do mixing on iPad as well but couple of things prevent that. First of all, my mixing process requires a multi-band parametric EQ and a spectrum analyzer side by side and I just couldn’t find an iOS DAW that provides them. Then, there just isn’t enough space on my 16Gb iPad to put all these uncompressed wav files. I have a lot of music production apps installed, and they aren’t small, so most of the space is taken by them.

Give us a little background on yourself as a musician.
I was trained as a piano player a long time ago, and then, when I got my first PC 15 years ago I started trying electronic music with it. Then my interests shifted elsewhere. But about a year ago I got interested in music again. I took “Composing and Producing Electronic Music” course with, and it blew me away. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to make electronic music. Since then I produced a few songs, all of them are on my SoundCloud page, although this one is the first made on iOS. Funny, but I actually do not consider myself a musician. I am just a guy who likes music and tries to do something creative.

Why do you use iOS devices to make music?
I use my iPad because it is always with me. I have a full time job and a family, and the only time I have to myself is when I am on a train commuting to and from work. Here I can take my iPad, put on headphones, and make music.

Moreover, I reckon that “traditional” music production process using desktop DAWs has become too complex and too expensive. I wrote about that here.

I think that iOS is the game changer – with the plenty of music apps available, it makes music making fun again, and accessible to everyone – not only to trained musician prepared to churn thousands of dollars upfront on DAWs, controllers, and plugins.

Give us a quick tip – an idea that has helped you make your iOS music making more productive, fun, inspiring, or creative.
Art is subjective. There is no “good” or “bad” music, as well as “right” and “wrong” music making process. Experiment a lot, and find whatever works for you. And, what is more important, find a way to have fun while you making music. If you are having fun making it, the others will enjoy listening to it. If you are not having fun, then change something.

Give us a link to a place where we can hear more of your music and learn more about you.
You can check out more music from Ozmoroz on his SoundCloud site or get in touch with him on his blog or Twitter account.

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