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by chip on March 18, 2013

Did you miss the latest happenings in the iOS world throughout the last week? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered here at iOS Music And You. Every Monday we’ll be filling you in on the most recent news, new app releases, and the on-site happenings. You can get a taste of everything that’s fueling iOS music making and catch yourself up to date. If you want to get your iOS music news fix on a daily basis, LIKE the iOS Music And You Facebook Page!

iOS Music News Around The Internet:
I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be releasing episode #8 of the podcast this week and it’s a good one! I’ve got a fantastic interview with someone who has made a big impact on the iOS music world and he shares some great insights that will help all of us. There’s also some great music, a strong app suggestions, a quick tip from one of our readers, and more. This is going to be a good one, so you don’t want to miss it. If you haven’t yet, I recommend that you subscribe to the iOS Music And You Podcast in iTunes so that you don’t miss any episodes – you can do that HERE. While you’re there, please leave us a review – your feedback helps the show improve and it also helps folks find us in the iTunes search engine. Thanks – hope that you enjoy episode #8!

The folks at Audanika are on a role – not only have they brought us the awesome MIDI controller app SoundPrism Pro and collaborated on the creation of Audiobus, but now they’ve put together a fantastic new blog that has been delivering a regular stream of useful content.  The Audanika Harmony Theory Blog is becoming a wonderful resource for musicians looking to dig deeper into the inner workings of music, giving us articles on three models of western tonality and Note Names.  This week, they’ve given us another post that covers intervals – you can find it HERE.  This is great stuff, all written in easy to understand language; if you haven’t already, < href = "">bookmark this site!

We all enjoy when Rheyne gives us a new video, and it generally ends up at the end of our news wrap-up; he certainly puts together some music that just can’t be missed.  This past week, he released a different kind of video, but one that’s just as intriguing.  The latest video from Rheyne provides an overview of his live set-up, going over both his musical equipment (which includes iPads and an iTouch running both Lemur and PPG WaveGenerator) and lighting.  He also walks us through the process of starting a jam using the Ableton Live loopers, something that forms the core of his sound.  Those of you that have watched Rheyne for a while know that his set-up changes slightly from video to video; this overview relates exactly to his Live Jam #72.  I love this sort of stuff – it really helps us see the method behind the magic.  I’ve put two videos below – the first one is the overview and the second one if Live Jam #72; check them both out!

You’ve got to love when a developer expands upon a great idea, giving us a new app that can quickly be applied practically in our music.  One of my current favorite apps has been iFretless Bass, which includes a wonderful interface that includes a load of great samples and can be used as a very expressive controller.  Hans Anderson, the developer behind this great app, posted a picture this week of his new app that we should be seeing soon.  You can check it out below and quickly pull some thoughts about what it might hold.  It seems to have a similar interface as iFretless Bass, with a more distinct emphasis upon guitar.  After posting this picture on the iOS Music And You Facebook page, Hans was nice enough to answer some questions about the app, letting us know that we will get features like strumming and Audio Copy/Paste in a future update, and you’ll be able to emulate bending notes by sliding along the strings.  This holds a lot of potential – I’ll certainly be checking this one out!

Speaking of my favorite apps, another app that I hold near and dear to my heart got a major update this week, as we saw WerkBench 2.0 arrive in the App Store.  This update really pushes the app to the next level, delivering an audio engine overhaul, a new sequencer, a file importer, and the feature that really makes sense with this app – Audiobus.  It’s a great combination, being able to bring sounds from other apps into the WerkBench sequencer . . . such fantastic musical potential there.  In case you want to see exactly what WerkBench does, I’ve included a few videos below to fill you in.  The first video is the official release trailer from Bolasol that walks through all the new features of the update.  The next video is a demo/jam from MyOneManBand, showing us the awe inspiring potential of WerkBench, when its used with a variety of hardware.  The last video shows us the power of Audiobus with WerkBench, bringing in sounds from ThumbJam and DM1.  This is an essential app – check out the videos below and you’ll see why!

Another new app arrived this week that really embodies a lot of what I absolutely love about the iOS music world.  JamBandit invites all types of musicians with varying levels of experience into the realm of expert musical performance, giving us a flexible and easy to manipulate interface that triggers great sounds.  It’s got a nice design that just makes you want to touch the screen, it’s intuitive, and holds some fantastic musical potential.  Even better, it comes with an influence from a couple of important figures in the iOS music world – the folks behind ThumbJam and synthesizer wiz Jordan Rudess.  In fact, JamBandit contains a number of original compositions from Rudess that you can use as the basis of your own music.  It’s an interesting concept that has to be seen to be believed – fortunately, Rudess is going to let you do just that.  The video below shows Rudess demoing JamBandit, which in his hands, certainly looks pretty cool.

Congratulations to the folks behind Audiobus – they’ve certainly changed the state of music making, opening up the world of iOS music into a fluid workflow that just can’t be beat.  This week, the amount of apps supporting Audiobus has reached 100, an awesome landmark that just bodes for more good things to come.  In fact, we got news this week that a couple of more high profile apps will be getting on the bus in the near future . . . and I must admit that I’m pretty excited.  We’ve got pictures of two upcoming Audiobus compatible apps below and these are awesome announcements – Impaktor and TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer will soon sport Audiobus support.  VirSyn updated Addictive Synth this week with Audiobus support and they’ve got plans to update all their apps, starting with iVoxel.  Thanks Audiobus team, you continue to make my musical life on a daily basis.

We’ve been featuring a string of videos from Mee Zanook, who just keeps giving us some great stuff focused on Korg apps – without a doubt, Zanook has spent ample time with both the iPolysix and iMS-20.  He gave us a couple more great apps this past week that dig deeper into both apps in a big way.  The first video shows the amount of response that Zanook has been getting from viewers, including a lot of questions, which he answers.  You’ve got to check out his first iPolysix Questions Answered video – there’s no doubt that we all can get some good advice there.  The second video walks us through another important process – writing a song on the massively powerful but sometimes overwhelming iMS-20.  It’s a great walkthrough that will certainly get you going with some music on this awesome app.  Keep these videos coming Mee – we’re all learning some great stuff!

Speaking of Korg apps, now’s a great time to pick them up. Currently, Korg is celebrating the South By Southwest Festival and in honor of that event, they’ve put all of their apps on sale 50% off! Korg does offer a number of fantastic apps that simulate their awesome hardware on the iPad; from personal experience, I can say that they’ve become an important part of my workflow. You’ve got until Wednesday to take advantage of this deal – Korg apps will be on sale until March 20th. Don’t miss this great deal on these essential apps – all of the apps on sale are listed below!





iElectribe Gorillaz Edition

The Akai iMPC has been around for a bit of time now, but it certainly continues to be a favorite source for beat making among the iOS music crowd.  Fortunately, the folks at Retronyms, who had a significant hand in the creation of the iMPC app have been listening, and they regularly collect some of the best iMPC fueled songs that they are hearing.  The latest collection of music arrived on SoundCloud this week – The Honest Truth, Vol. 5.  You can find this great selection of pumping beats below, which includes ten tracks all filled with iMPC goodness.  If you’re using this app, you’ll definitely want to give this playlist a listen – its going to inspire you to launch iMPC pretty quickly!

It’s always great to see developers not only supporting their apps, but supporting the people that use them to make amazing music.  There’s lots of ways to do this, but one very effective way is the creation of SoundCloud groups focused on a specific app.  There’s a few of these groups around, but a new one popped up this week that just happens to be focused on a favorite app of mine – Arpeggionome Pro.  It’s got a number of tracks at this point from a variety of musicians and there’s some inspiring stuff on there!  if you’re using Arpeggionome Pro, checking this group out is essential – you’ll find yourself thinking about a stream of new uses for this powerful app.  You can find the Arpeggionome Pro SoundCloud Group HERE.

At the beginning of the week, we all need some inspiration to get us going, and there’s nothing like a good shot of iOS music to get us tapping away on our iPad screens.  The first song is a video that not only brings together a number of great iPhone apps, but also some nice guitar work . . . and a bit of video game love.  This video from Ben Spiller features the theme from Zelda – Ocarina of Time: Goron City and pulls together apps including DigiDrummer, iFretless Bass, and more – such a fun video!  I discovered the next song on the Arpeggionome Pro SoundCloud Group, and it puts the app to a bit of a different use.  There’s some great atmospheric stuff going on “metamorpho chillensis” from Mandrakonian, where he puts Arpeggionome Pro, MultiTrack DAW, and PPG WaveMapper to good use.  The last track comes from iOS musician OldLibMike, who throws together a wealth of fantastic apps into a wonderful musical mixture on “Pick The Apple.”  There’s an understated groove on this song that just reels you in, coming out of a number of apps, including iPolysix, Animoog, Mixtikl, Audiobus, and Music Studio.  There’s certainly some good stuff here that will get you inspired to make your own sounds, so check them out and crank out something new – enjoy!

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Major Music App Updates This Week:


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Electronic Piano Synthesizer

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Thanks for asking Hans Anderson about his new app, glad to hear there will be bends, really hope it can improve on GBs smart guitar, looking forward to this one. Cant wait for the new podcast too !


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