iOS Music And You Podcast 008: Sunsine Audio Interview

by chip on March 21, 2013

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Welcome to Episode #8 of the iOS Music And You Podcast, the place where we discuss making music on the iPad and iPhone! This is a great episode that digs into some really interesting territory as we talk with Fletcher Kaufman from Sunsine Audio. I regularly get questions from readers about synthesis and the process of creating new sounds on the wide range of available iOS synth apps. It’s something that a lot of folks are exploring, so I thought it would be good to talk with one of the people doing this for a living. Fletcher does more than just make money off his original patches though – he’s become an important part of the iOS music community, providing resources, positive energy, and lots of great sounds. It was fun to finally connect with Fletcher on the phone and I think that you’ll enjoy all the fantastic things that he shares with us on the show.

In the first part of this episode, we listen to some inspiring music from The Budapest Dream Orchesra. This project has been around for a few years, founded by iOS musician Niclas Tamas. He’s been making music on his iPhone since 2009, giving us plenty of in-depth and intriguing ambient music. While most of his music reaches the fifty minute make, he recently put together a collection of 14 shorter pieces for February Album Writing Month – this came together as an electronic opera called “The Unicorn.” We’re going to check out Part 8 of “The Unicorn,” a fantastic collection of synths, piano sounds, and processed vocals that he put together using NanoStudio. You’ll dig this song, and you’re definitely going to want to hear more – I highly recommend that you check out the full 14 tracks of “The Unicorn,” which you can find HERE. When you’re ready to hear more, check out all the tracks on The Budapest Dream Orchestra SoundCloud site and Like The Budapest Dream Orchestra on Facebook!

There’s so many of you putting out great music from your iPads and iPhones and I want to feature your music on the podcast! Do you have a song that you’d like to be played on the next podcast? Submit your music by sending me a link to your song on SoundCloud.

In next piece of the show, I get into this episode’s app pick, which is a tool that’s been around for a while – AudioShare. While this showed up on the App Store a while, it’s actually something that I’ve recently started using . . . and I can’t get enough of it. At its core, AudioShare helps you move bits of audio around your iPad or iPhone, which is a convenient feature for any mobile musician. This may seem a bit repetitive in an age where we’ve also got great tools like Audiobus and Audio Copy/Paste, but it offers some additional possibilities that can’t be found elsewhere. I talk through the elements of AudioShare that make it a unique and useful tool which make this app an essential piece of your music making arsenal.

This episode’s quick tip comes from Jerry Feheley, one of our regular readers on the site and a frequent contributor to our Facebook page. Jerry noticed something extremely useful when running guitarism through JamUp Pro XT using Audiobus, and he was kind enough to share this tip with us. It’s a great insight that should help you out while using the Audiobus effect slot. We get a bonus tip on this same subject from the developer of iFretless Bass Hans Anderson that will give you yet another way to pump up your work with the effects slot. It’s a double tip this time around!

I know that there’s so many great ideas out there about apps and how to use them, and I want to share your ideas with the world! If you’ve got an app suggestion or a quick tip, send them my way – Submit your ideas by sending me a message .

The last part of the show features an interview with Sunsine Audio founder and synth expert Fletcher Kaufman. We dig into his background, talking about how he first started working with synthesizers and developing an ear for sound design. This passion for synth work eventually moved onto the iOS platform and led to Fletcher etablishing Sunsine Audio. We get into some great ideas to help out folks with their own patch creation, as well as look at the inner working of running the business of Sunsine Audio. While building a substantial collection of expansion packs within Sunsine Audio, Fletcher has become a big voice in the iOS music world, engaging many of us with his kind nature and smart musicianship – it’s inspiring to hear his back story and connect with his warm personality.

Fletcher spreads his strong musicianship across a number of different spaces, and before our interview, you get to hear him both as a composer and sound designer. We start things out with an electronic music track put together by Fletcher using patches from his own expansion packs. The song, “Mags,” uses a number of apps, including Animoog, Magellan, Arctic Keys, BeatMaker 2, Audiobus, GlitchBreaks, and NodeBeat.

Knowing that there’s a good number of folks out there that have an interest in sound design, Fletcher provided a couple of great resources for us as well. The first source is a three part video series dine by Dean Friedman of the New York School Of Synthesis that covers some of the basics – you can find it HERE. The next resource is an extensive series of blog posts from Sound On Sound that covers everything from the basics to complex creation of bowed-string sounds, organs, and more – it’s an awesome collection of articles that you can find HERE. These are some fantastic reads that will certainly push your sound design to the next level!

Fletcher Kaufman does some great work with Sunsine Audio, so check out:
The main Sunsine Audio site, where you can find all their expansion pack.
The Sunsine Audio Facebook Page
The Sunsine Audio SoundCloud Site
The Sunsine Audio Twitter Page
The Sunsine Audio YouTube Page

Here’s some of the apps that Fletcher Kaufman mentions in the interview:

Korg iMS-20


TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer


Traktor DJ

Sunrizer Synth





Arctic Keys

DXi FM synthesizer


I hope that you enjoy this episode of the podcast . . . we’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another great interview in episode #8! As always, the most important thing to me is that I create something useful that’s going to help the iOS music community. So, if you’ve got ideas, suggestions, or even compliments, send them my way! Thanks so much for listening, enjoy the show!

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Fletcher Kaufman - Sunsine Audio March 22, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Hey! just wanted to thank you for doing this interview, it was a lot of fun and I hope everyone can get something out of it! Also I wanted to add some resources that I forgot to have Chip post. First – Chip’s own tutorials are always excellent, make sure to check them out, they are always thorough and informative. Tim Webb of discchord produces a series entitled Everybody Can Play Music that is also always worth checking out. And for theory, which we didn’t cover at all in the interview a good place to start is the Audanika Harmony Theory blog. :)


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