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by chip on March 25, 2013

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iOS Music News Around The Internet:
Thanks to everyone who checked out episode #8 of the podcast this past week, which featured a fantastic interview with the man behind Sunsine Audio, Fletcher Kaufman. In just a few days, this latest episode has become our most downloaded show yet, really getting me excited to put the next podcast together!  If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out episode #8 yet, you can stream or download it HERE; if you’re ready for more, you can find the first seven episodes of the show HERE.  You can subscribe to the show through iTunes HERE or through your favorite pod catcher to make sure that you never miss another episode.  If you get a chance, please take a minute to leave a review and rating on iTunes, which will help us grow even more, spreading the word about iOS music to an even greater audience – you can do that HERE.

Speaking of podcasts, I had the pleasure of taking part in another recording this past week for the production of another show.  I spent some time on Tuesday chatting with Sean Walker of iOS Musician and Tim Webb of Discchord for the second episode of Touch Music.  It’s a blast to spend time with guys that have the same crazy love for iOS music that I do, and we captured a pretty interesting discussion for the show.  You can expect to hear episode #2 of the Touch Music Podcast this week, so check it out when it comes online!  You can find episode #1 and the new show later this week on the Touch Music site!

This was a big week for iOS music as Apple made a huge public acknowledgement of the importance of Audiobus by adding support for the app to their own iOS music making app GarageBand.  The addition of Audiobus support was a huge step for the folks behind this ground breaking app, exposing their app and the process of making music by connecting apps to a huge audience.  It also means that we’ll be seeing a lot more music coming from a wider variety of folks as they discover additional music making apps through Audiobus.  The addition of Audiobus to GarageBand got quite a bit of attention around the web, even hitting some areas outside the traditional iOS music community.  Audiobus and GarageBand and the update was even mentioned by Sarah Lane and Leo Laporte on the TWiT show iPad Today.  Best of all, Audiobus topped the list of music apps on the iTunes Store – even beating out Apple’s own GarageBand.  Congrats to Michael Tyson and Sebastian Dittmann for taking Audiobus to the masses!

With the GarageBand update live, a few folks gave us some fantastic tutorials on Audiobus and the combination of the two apps.  Guitarist Derek Buddemeyer busted out his axe and put together a great song using JamUp Pro XT, GarageBand, and Audiobus.  The video below shows Derek playing on the song before going into the explanation of connecting JamUp Pro XT and GarageBand through Audiobus to create the music.  It’s an awesome video; if you like what you hear, you can check out an interview with Derek on episode #7 of the iOS Music And You Podcast.  The next tutorial comes from the folks at The Sound Test Room and its a great video walkthrough for first time and beginning Audiobus users.  If you’ve never used Audiobus before, it will get you through the basics and move you towards fast, efficient music making right away.  If you’re still looking for more information on Audiobus, don’t forget that we’ve got a good tutorial that will explain the ins and outs of the app – you can find that tutorial HERE.

While Audiobus definitely ruled the iOS music world this past week, there was another audio routing app that appeared, showing some early promise – JACK Audio Connection Kit.  This free app will connect JACK compatible music apps, letting you route both audio and MIDI signals in a flexible fashion.  Instead of a predetermined signal chain, JACK compliant apps and external devices can be mixed and matched in any way possible.  You can get the idea of just how JACK will work in the picture below – the winding collection of arrows represents the signal chain, which is far from standard.  There’s a lot of potential here; it will be interesting to see how this evolves in the future.

While JACK certainly does look interesting, there’s one big issue currently holding it back . . . there’s just not really any music apps that include JACK support.  That’s not completely true – the other music apps from developer crudebyte support JACK, including CMP Grand Piano and MIDI Wrench.  Other than that though, there’s not a whole lot of ecosystem surrounding JACK at this point.  It does seem like that’s going to change soon though – the folks at Secret Base Design have started implementing JACK support into Live Guitar.  You can see this combination in action through the video below, which gives us a sense of what JACK might do with lots of support.  I do hope that we see a number of apps implementing JACK support in the near future; it would be nice to have another option to connect apps during the music making process.

For those of us that use the awesome Korg apps such as the iMS-20 and iPolysix, Mee Zanook is becoming a goldmine of information to keep our music making sessions productive and inspired.  Over the past couple of months, Mee has given us several tutorials on these fantastic apps with topics that range from Making A Song in the iMS-20 to the creation of several different sound effects.  With every video, he gives us something that we can use, which is just the type of tutorials that we need. There were two new tutorials from Mee this week, which you can find below.  The first video is a recording tutorial focused upon the iMS-20 while the second video is creative mixing with the iPolysix.  This is great stuff – if you like what you see, make sure that you subscribe to Mee’s YouTube channel HERE!

Since we’re talking about resources that can help our music making pursuits, its always a good thing to point out the Audanika Harmony Theory Blog, where you can learn new ideas about music theory and how it relates to iOS apps.  This week, they posted a great article which focuses upon perfect, major, and minor intervals, the building blocks of just about any music that you’re going to encounter.  The concept is demonstrated with some fantastic pictures of Animoog as well as a chart full of specific examples.  This is the meat and potatoes of the music world and the folks at Audanika are serving up a hearty meal in this post – you’ll definitely want to check it out HERE.  The post also includes a video, which highlights all the concepts of the post in real time – you can find the video below!

This week was chock full of inspirational resources that can guide us towards new music making horizons, as we got a couple of new video shows in addition to the things listed above.  The first video is a regular mention around here – the iOS Update from SweetWater Sound, hosted by Mitch Gallagher.  In episode 34, Mitch takes a look at one of the popular iOS DAW apps, Tabletop, demonstrating the distinct possibilities within this app.  The next video comes from the folks at Sonic State, the iOS centered show Sonic Touch.  In episode number 22 of Sonic Touch, there’s a focus on the Arturia iMini, which they compare to the Model D.  Both of these shows offer a lot of great info and will highlight the pros and cons of some essential apps – they’re worth a view!

It’s always good to start off the week with something inspiring to keep our minds churning around iOS music and there’s plenty of good stuff out there to get our creative juices flowing.  The first song comes from one of our favorites around here, the inventive and inspiring electronic musician Rheyne, who turns out regular videos using iOS devices, Ableton Live, and more.  In Live Jam #73, Rheyne puts quite a bit of physical hardware to use, as well as an iPad running Lemur, two iPads triggering Sunrizer Synth, and an iPod Touch with Lemur – the results are pretty awesome.  The next song comes from Ben Spiller and it’s a fun play upon familiar themes using a number of iPhone apps to pull together some of the popular songs from The Lord Of The Rings.  There’s some familiar apps that will stand out to you like GarageBand, but there’s also some pretty epics clips from the films.  The last clip comes from Phill Wilson, the guy behind MyOneManBand and it puts WerkBench 2.0 into action in a very musical way.    While jamming during the breakfast hour, Phill puts a variety of sounds into WerkBench, including the lid of a peanut butter container and a thumb piano – very cool!  There’s some great music in these videos that should send you into an inspired state of music making – enjoy! 

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