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by chip on June 10, 2013

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iOS Music News Around The Internet:
One of the things that I absolutely love about using an iPad or iPhone to make music is the new possibilities that it opens for interacting with the music making process.  On one level, the touch interface is pretty revolutionary for the act of creating a piece of music, making technology much more like a physical instrument.  There’s more options when you think about though – utilizing the camera or connections to other hardware opens the door to a whole new world of options.  This video shows something new coming from Jesper Nordin, the guy behind the very interesting controller app Gestrument.  Nordin has created a piece of software that converts Kinect data into MIDI and then sends it to Gestrument on your iPad.  You’ve got to interface your Kinect with your Mac or PC and then connect your iPad to your computer.  From there, you can turn your movements into music – how cool is that?  In the video, you can see this technology put to good use, with sounds being triggered by Nordin, dancers, and even a soloist with a symphony orchestra.  This is the kind of forward thinking technology that I really find exciting – you can check it out in the video below and then download the Gestrument Kinect application HERE.

Speaking of new ways to interface technology, we’re always looking for new possibilities to connect desktop technology with our iPad or iPhone.  It’s kind of funny, because in most cases, we’re not really ready to leave the desktop behind – we’d rather pull our desktop experiences directly onto the tablet.  While we could probably debate the pros and cons of that mentality all day, it’s certainly sitting in the back of our heads.  So it’s pretty exciting to see LiveControl 2 come along from Liine.  As you can see in the video below, it look fairly comprehensive and full of great features that will make controlling Ableton Live from your iPad a breeze.  It’s compatible with both Live 8 & 9, so you’ll be able to access Live no matter where you are in the desktop experience.  This is probably the coolest part – this will be a free download to Lemur users, meaning that the money you’ve previously invested into Liine was an investment well made.  It’s definitely a step in the right direction towards merging the desktop and iPad – check it out in the video below.

By the time that you read this, you might have already downloaded this app, but I just thought that it’s certainly worth mentioning – Yonac Software, the makers of Magellan, Shredder, miniSynth Pro, and more will be releasing Galileo, their professional organ emulator on Monday June 10th.   A couple of weeks ago, we saw a video teaser that had some awesome organ sounds in it, which got us in the mood . . . well, OK, we’re still in the mood, so I’ve embedded it again below.  In addition, this past week, Yonac released the full specs for the app and some great screen shots.  I’ve included some of those screen shots below – this app looks absolutely beautiful – and if you’re interested in getting the full scoop on Galileo’s specs, you can check those out HERE.  We also got to hear a little bit more from Galileo this week, as Yonac released a collection of SoundCloud clips with some great organ sounds flowing through them; I’ve included that SoundCloud set below so that you can give it a listen.  There’s lots of ways to get to know Galileo below; then again, you may already have your hands on Galileo at this point.  Whatever the case, it’s an exciting new app!

While we’re talking about new apps, there’s another highly anticipated app that we will be seeing this week, the new Nave synthesizer from the combined power of Waldorf and Tempo Rubato, the developer behind NLogSynth Pro.  We’ve seen teasers of this app, primarily some cool video previews from Musickmesse 2013, and it shows some massive potential.  There’s been quite a bit of buzz about Nave on Twitter, just fueling the bubbling excitement about the app’s imminent arrival.  Fortunately, Smite Matter got a preview copy and he’s been playing with it for a while.  He just posted his review of Nave, and according to him, there’s a lot to look forward to – if you’re excited about Nave, you’ve got to read Smite Matter’s review.

One of the folks talking about Nave on Twitter has been Smite Matter himself, and he’s posted a couple of screenshots.  These are worth a look- at the very least, they’ll build up the excitement for the Nave release this week.

At the risk of turning iOS Music Weekly into Smite Matter This Week (which wouldn’t be such a bad thing . . .), I should certainly mention a recent interview that Sean Walker over at iOS Musician did with Smite Matter.  It’s a great read that’s largely focused on the musician’s work with Auria, an app that he’s been using quite a bit recently.  He talks about some of the pros and cons of the app as well as his approach to using it.  If you’re using Auria or even thinking about it, this is an essential read – you can find it HERE.  Just a reminder that Smite Matter was also my first guest on the iOS Music And You Podcast; you can find episode # 1 HERE.  Since we’re talking about Smite Matter, Auria, and music, we should also listen to some of his outstanding work – you can hear the piece “Lie Of The Cook” below, which was put together using Auria, Addictive Synth, Chordion, and Sunrizer Synth.

While we’re looking at cool pictures related to iOS music, we might as well check out another hotly anticipated item – the Artiphone instrument.  The folks behind Artiphone recently opened reservations for orders and they’ve let us know that we’ll be seeing the instrument in the late summer.  They’ve also started an Instagram feed that is showing us pictures of the revolutionary instrument making its way toward public release.  You can check out one of those pictures below and then find their Instagram account HERE.

Since we’ve got new apps on our mind, we might as well take a look at one more.  The Junglator is on it’s way from 4Track, the folks behind Amplify.  It looks like it holds some potential for pasting together drum beats, bass lines, and such based around Jungle music.  It’s hard to tell exactly how much flexibility we’ll see in Junglator for shaping your music, but at least it has some nice loops.  We’ll look forward to hearing more about Junglator as it gets closer to release, but for now, check out the video preview below.

Do you remember that “Secret Revealed” video from Mee Zanook that took us into the art of using automation to make our iPolysix sounds very cool?  As with all of Mee’s videos, it gave us a great tutorial that help us take our iPolysix work to the next level.  Well, he’s revisiting that topic with a new video that’s called “iPolysix Secret Revealed: UPDATE.”  There’s some good ideas in here that should help you out – take a look below!

It’s always a good idea to start your week out with something inspiring to ensure that a little music making will ensue – that’s why we like to finish off the news round-up with a healthy collection of tracks made with iOS.  This first track comes from developer Hans Anderson, the man behind iFretless Bass (which got a nice update this week) as well as iFretless Guitar, who just happens to be quite a musician.  In this video, he puts iFretless Guitar to work, performing a very cool cover of guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani’s “Always With Me, Always With You” – this is a must-see that will send back to iFretless Guitar right away!  Our second video comes from Marco Santoru and it is a very cool example of what can happen when two musicians put an iPad at the core of their workflow.  These two musicians are playing guitar through JamUp Pro XT and triggering a synth through Music Studio, while using Audiobus to put everything together and run into into Loopy HD - the results are really pretty awesome.  Our third track comes from someone that that we’ve come to know and love around here – Refracted Memories, the collaborative effort between guitarist Jack Morefield and iOS musician Michael Wadlow.  This track, entitled “Deception,” has a bit of a fusion edge, and takes full advantage of some great iOS apps, including NanoStudio, Korg iMS-20, Alchemy Synth Mobile, GlitchBreaks, and studio.HD.  I have to thank the wonderful iOS musician Jesper Jones for the next track; after I was reported that I was a bit overwhelmed with work, he sent me this link, making my week much, much better – you rock Jesper!  He introduced me to Modulation, an iOS musician from Sweden who has been putting together some solid electronic music that I’m really enjoying.  I’ve included one of his tracks entitled “Human Music” that he put together using NanoStudio and MoDrum Rhythm Composer - amazing stuff.  Hope that you enjoy these tracks – can’t wait to hear what you come up with on your iPad or iPhone this week!

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