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by chip on July 8, 2013

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iOS Music News Around The Internet:
There are some apps that just consistently amaze me; either I’m discovering different uses for the app or I’m finding videos that utilize them in a new and inspiring way. For me, WerkBench is one of those apps – it just seems to invite creative uses that open diverse musical doors. I think that its a combination of the ease of sampling and the fluid, manageable interface that makes this app such a fountain of new musical ideas. Here’s a great example of WerkBench turning some common household items like a flower pot, a wine glass, and a Korg ER-1 (O.K., maybe that one isn’t so common, depending on the house where you live!) into beautiful music. Look at the way that the sounds we know and love quickly become something exciting with just a few quick app tweaks. As you can see in this video, there’s so much potential in WerkBench; by the way, make sure that you check out our recent tutorial for creating odd time signatures in WerkBench HERE.

Cubasis got a solid update this past week, delivering the Micrologue synth, as well as a number of other fantastic features that make this amazing app even better. When a big update like this hits the App Store, it’s always nice to see the new (and old) features in action and then hear the results. When they released the update, the folks at Steinberg also introduced us to this video that shows the creation and production of the song “On and On” from Allen Morgan. It’s a great video that highlights the power of Cubasis, showing it in a number of different studio settings, as well as the mobile nature of iOS music, presenting the music maker on the beach. The track is a heavy rock song too – not the first thing that comes to mind with Cubasis, so it’s nice to see the app being used to create this style of music. It’s a cool video that will get you thinking about opening or buying Cubasis!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a tutorial video from Mee Zanook here at the site, but it’s not because he hasn’t been busy – there have been a steady flow of solid videos from Mee covering the Korg iMS-20., Nave, and more. One of his latest releases takes a look at using the Korg iPolysix to create music in 3/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, or 12/8, a very cool way to open up your music to new possibilities. In common Mee Zanook fashion, he explains the topic with a hint of humor and plenty of information to get the music flowing out of the iPolysix. Once again, Mee has given us another resource that will push our music creation forward – after you check out the video below, make sure that you subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

Want to support a great cause and your addiction to music apps in one quick action? The folks at Kudzu Creative want to help you do that during the month of July. All month long, the company will donate 10% of all sales from the Koushion MIDI Step Sequencer to The Bob Moog Foundation. The organization, named after the legendary synth pioneer, is determined “to ignite creativity at the intersection of music, science, history, and innovation.” They do this through three projects – Dr. Bob’s Soundschool, the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and The Moogseum; you can get information about the foundation HERE. There’s lots of important work effecting the past, present, and future of synthesis, so it’s great to see Kudzu Creative supporting the foundation. If you’d like to do your part to support the foundation, you can pick up Koushion MIDI Step Sequencer today!

If you’re using a MonoTron and you’re looking for a way to be more accurate during your performances, Phil Wilson has a solution for you, and coincidentally, it just happens to utilize an iPad app! In this video, Phil uses the app ImproVox to isolate and auto tune certain notes to fit them into a specific scale. This is a great idea that lets you get that awesome MonoTron sound within more common musical settings. He also puts the whole thing through Turnado, letting you add some additional effects to the sound, adding even more depth and style. This is another smart video from Phil’s MyOneManBand project that looks beyond the most common uses for apps and focuses on creativity – great stuff!

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve talked about the iMPC, but it’s not because no one is using the app; there are a number of folks kicking out some awesome hip-hop & rap tracks using the iMPC. There was some proof of that fact this week, as Retronyms brought us Volume 6 of their SoundCloud playlists dedicated to the iMPC, entitled The Honest Truth. This volume held an interesting twist on the playlists; it was guest curated by producer < href = "">Sayzar Tracks. I love this element of involving the community in the process of finding new iMPC music – his selection is inspired, funky, and it really shows what the app can do. If you’re into hip-hop, this is one app that you’re certainly going to want – check out The Honest Truth, Vol. 6 and you’ll understand why the iMPC is essential.

Are you going to pick up a JamStik? It certainly is a pretty appealing device that does tempt me to pull out my wallet. If you’re one of those folks that needs additional help putting the money out for this cool new device, you might want to check out the video below. The folks behind JamStik have announced that the initial run of the new instrument will be made in the U.S.A., close to home, as they put it. In order to celebrate this announcement, they’ve got another level to their Indiegogo campaign – a JamStik and accompanying “Made In the USA” t-shirt for $250. You can check out the video announcement below and then take a look at the Indiegogo campaign HERE.

Some of us – myself included – get caught up in the idea of making music exclusively on the iPad; this is a powerful option, but it’s important to remember that there are lots of additional tools that can be used in conjunction. One of the most popular tools available for electronic music production is certainly Ableton Live, a piece of desktop software that musicians around the world are using. It’s not an iPad app, but there are a lot of Ableton Live controllers available on the iPad, making it a great compliment to the desktop software. Over at Create Digital Music, Peter Kirn wrote a great summary of these different apps, including LiveControl 2, Conductr, touchAble, and LivKontrol. It’s a great run-down that will help you tremendously when trying to find a solid iOS controller for Ableton Live – check it out HERE.

Have you been using the newly release Thor Polysonic Synthesizer? I’ve found this to be a happy addition to my synth collection, pulling some of my experience with the Reason desktop production software onto the iPad. The app comes loaded with an abundant collection of presets, but there’s always room for something more, right? The folks from Soundcells have released a collection of new patches for the Thor app, based upon a collection that they previously produced for Reason. Even better, the people at Soundcells are giving away this collection of 30 sounds entitled “Thor Essentials, Vol.1″ for free! You can download it HERE.

It wouldn’t be the beginning of the week if we didn’t start things off with some inspiring iOS music to get our creative juices flowing, and we’ve got some good stuff this week. I’ve really been loving the fact that iOS musicians have been creating interesting visuals to go along with their sonic creations; we got another wonderful combination this week from Red Sky Lullaby entitled “Vagueness Squared.” The visuals were put together by Don Whitaker and Chef Koch within vjay and the music was created using a variety of different apps, including Samplr, Animoog, Magellan, and BeatMaker 2. Our next track is a wonderful combination of pop sensibilities and electronic sounds with a healthy dose of glitch action from JoeyJoeyJoel called “Take.” There’s a lot of apps at work here, including DM1, AmpKit+, GarageBand, studio.HD, and Auria. Our next track is a wonderful combination of ambient synth sounds and chill out groove from Galaxy Explorer entitled “Mind Journey.” It combines Galaxy Explorer’s consistently beautiful synth layering with some smartly placed percussion grooves; he put this song together using BeatMaker 2, NanoStudio, Alchemy Synth Mobile Studio, Animoog, Magellan Jr, SunrizerXS, Audiobus, MultiTrack DAW, ThumbJam, and Grain Science. Our last is a bit of a bonus feature – not only do you get a groove driven and extremely tasteful piece of music entitled “King’s Wharf” from oldlibmike, but he’s also gone into detail about the compositional process behind this piece HERE. The write-up is a must read, going into detail about the use of Noatikl 2, which he used to create this song alongside DrumJam, SampleTank, Nave, Audiobus, and MultiTrack DAW. There’s some very inspiring stuff in the mix today – check out this music and then make some of your own!

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